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For The Life of the World

Perhaps one may be surprised that Saint Maximilian, loving Jesus so ardently, one of the most zealous adorers of the Most Blessed Sacrament, spoke and wrote so much more about the Immaculate, and when teaching about Christ, hardly ever omits His Mother. Without doubt, he respected the hierarchy of truths, always placing first the most Blessed Trinity and Jesus Christ, our Lord. But once recognizing the masterpiece of God - the Immaculate, after discovering her role in the divine economy of salvation, and in seeking to increase the love of God and of neighbor on earth, he felt called to make more accessible her goodness and power and to unite everyone with her in the most perfect way possible.

For The Life of the World

SKU: AI-0139
  • By Fr. Jerzy Domanski, OFM Conv. | Softcover | 160 pages | Dimensions – 0.25 (d) x 4.75 (w) x 7 (l) inches

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