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Padre Pio Glass Bottle w/ Blessed Oil

CATHOLIC SACRAMENTAL: BLESSED HOLY OIL — Padre Pio was known in his life time to be a wonder worker of faith and love through the Immaculata. So much so that he receives the five wounds of our Lord for fifty years of his life on earth. Miracles do exist! It is the exceptional intervention of God in the life of humanity. Let us use this blessed oil in faith and love trusting in the intercession of Our Lady and Saint Pio of Pietrelcina.

DISCRIPTION: This oil has been blessed by a Catholic Priest and touched to the Relic of the Blood and Glove of Saint Pio.

COST: $2.00 of this purchase will cover the cost of the oil as a donation, for blessed sacramentals of the Catholic Church are not to be sold for a profit. The holy oil itself comes as part of the $2.00 donation to cover the martial cost. What you are buying is not the oil, but the Saint Pio imaged glass bottle which retails for $3.00. (Please feel free to contact us with any further questions or concerns) PACKAGE & SHIPPING: $3.00 for priority shipping. 

Buy one bottle for 8.00 
Buy two bottles for $13.00
Buy Three bottles for $19.00
Buy Four bottles for $24.00

Buy Five bottles for $27.00

By purchasing two or more  St. Pio bottles, not only will you save on shipping cost, but you will have the opportunity to give one away to someone interested or in need of prayer.

Padre Pio Glass Bottle w/ Blessed Oil

  • Condition: New | Size: 2" / Holds 1/2 oz. | Material: Glass Bottle / Olive Oil / Plastic Screw On (Rose Shape) Top

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