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  • Who is the Immaculata?
    "Immaculata: the summit of perfection of a creature, Mother of God, the most godlike of creatures. The purpose of the creature, the purpose of man, is the progressive growth in likeness to the Creator, a constantly more perfect godliness. “God becomes man so that man might become God,” says St. Augustine. We imitate good, virtuous, holy people, but none of these is without imperfection. Only she, immaculate from the first moment of her existence, knows no fault, not the least. It is she whom we should imitate come close to. We should become hers, become her. Behold the peak of perfection in man."
  • Do we need Mary to become more like Jesus?
    "From now on, God's children are to be shaped according to this first Son of God, the infinite God-Man. By reproducing the features of the God-Man, by imitating Christ our Lord, our soul tends toward holiness. The more accurately we repeat in ourselves the image of Christ, the nearer we shall be to divinity, the more we shall divinize ourselves and become God-Man. We shall achieve the union of our soul to Christ, by imitating Him and as a result of divine action. Therefore, they who do not accept the Immaculate Mary as their Mother, nor Christ as their brother, shall not be given the Son by God the Father, and the Son shall not come to their soul. The soul is to be reborn in Mary's womb, shaping itself according to Jesus Christ. Mary is to nourish the soul with the milk of her grace, shape it delicately and educate it, as she nourished and educated Jesus. The soul must be humble in learning to know and love Jesus. We must draw from within the love for Jesus; in fact, we must love Him with our heart and become similar to Him through love. The devil knows that the only way in which every grace reaches our souls is through the Immaculate; therefore, he does all that is in his power to divert our souls from her, tempting us to be arrogant."
  • How does the Immaculata compare to the Holy Trinity?
    "Our Father in heaven is the first beginning and final end of everything. The human tongue and mind of man, in borrowing notions from his surroundings, falter when trying to think and speak of God. Imperfect is our notion of God. We know from divine revelation that from all ages and forever the Father brings forth the Son, and the Spirit proceeds from the Father and the Son. This life of the Holy Trinity is imitated in numberless and diverse images of the creatures coming from the hands of the Triune God, general principle that each effect is similar to the cause has its full application here and all the more so, since God creates from nothing. Therefore whatever is in creation is his handiwork. From the Father through the Son, and the Spirit descends each act if the love of God, creating, sustaining in existence, giving life and its development both in the order of nature as well as in the order of grace. In such a manner does God bestow his love on countless finite images. And by no other way does the return of the Father expect through the Spirit and the Son. This does not always happen consciously, but always really. No one else but the same God is the author of the act of love in creatures. But the act does not take place without the creature’s free will and consent. The height of a creature’s love returning to God it the Immaculata —a being without stain of sin, wholly beautiful, wholly belonging to God. Not even for a moment did her will bend always from the will of God."
  • I once heard you say, "I do thewill of the Immaculata!" How is that possible since we are all called to do God's will....including Mary?"
    "If we say, "It is the will of the Immaculata," besides the fact that we acknowledge the will of God by this phrase, we also honor the Blessed Mother, insomuch as we acknowledge that her will is so fused with the will of God that it constitutes one intimate union. In additoin, we give more honor to God by recognizing his perfection in creating such a great, powerful, good and holy being as the Blessed Mother."
  • Looking at your life's work... why is it so important to tell other souls about the Immaculata?
    "Every thought, action, suffering of the Immaculata were most perfect acts of love of God, love of Jesus. It is necessary to tell all souls, both collectively and individually, those who are living now and who will live until the end of the world, it is necessary to tell them by example, by spoken, written and printed word, by radio, painting sculpture and so on. We must must tell them what and how the Immaculata would think, speak and act in the concrete circumstances of daily living in the various states of life, so that the most perfect love, a love reaching even to that of the Immaculata towards the heart of God, would be enkindled all over the earth."
  • How should anyone sum up the work done for the Immaculata?
    "The cause of the Immaculata is to be our acivity. We cannot permit that other purposes displace our main purpose: to win the whole world for the most Sacred Heart of Jesus through the Immaculata. Everything must measure up to that purpose, because these are divine affairs. Here we need to get on our knees, with the attitude that all prayer, ejaculations, all our imperfections are to be burned for her, so that we love her, draw near to her, throw out from ourselves what is not hers. The purpose of the MI is the commitment to the work of converting all together and each individually those who have need of conversion, and in the work of the sanctification of every soul who currently lives and will live in the future without exception. THE SPECIFIC FEATURE THAT SETS THE MI APART FROM MANY OTHER ASSOCIATIONS working for the salvation and sanctification of souls, is that the MI develops its activity under the protection and through the mediation of the Immaculata. Work… to recruit an ever greater number of new members of the MI, since there are still many who are not part of it... The MI: Human Participation in the Mission of the Immaculata.”
  • What is the role the Immaculata in the life of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostalic Church today?"
    "At Pentecost (every Sacrament of Confirmation in the holy Catholic faith), Mary most Holy became our Mother, in accord with the testament of the dying Jesus, in order to beget us unto the life of grace, and received from the Holy Spirit the power of maternal love toward all men Her sons, so beginning Her mission in the Church as Teacher of the Apostles, example and guide of Christians, comfort and support of the persecuted and martyrs. The Immaculate was so loved by God that He entrusted His divine Son, and then all men to her; if she was made au courant of the greatest mysteries; we: what shall we do? We shall never love Her enough, exalt Her enough, praise Her enough, thank Her enough. Let us ponder the love of Jesus for His Mother, and this will serve to guide us in life and fire us in the apostolate."
  • Why don't we hear more of the Immaculata in church today?
    The devil knows of the Immaculata's power, so he tries to push souls away from her by all means possible. He does not care what pretext he uses—even devotion to Jesus Christ! He knows that God has fixed certain ways of salvation for souls and, if a soul deviates from its way, it will not receive all the grace that God had in stored for it.
  • Is there such a thing as Marain renewal in the Catholic Church?
    "Marian Renewal: It is the conversion and santification of all souls. Can there be any conversion and santification without the help of grace? Everyone knows that there cannot be. Grace is necessary for every conversion and the Immaculata is the Mediatrix of all grace. Therefore, all must be renewed through the Immaculata."





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