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THE EASIEST AND SAFEST HELP IS, by the will of God, the Blessed Virgin Mary. To her the Holy Church applies these words from Scripture: “She will strike at your head” [cf. Gn 3:15] (that is, that of the infernal serpent), and of her the Church sings: “All heresies you alone have destroyed throughout the earth” [Office of the Madonna]. “All,” then without exception; “heresies,” so not heretics, because those she loves; “You alone,” so she will suffice; “have destroyed,” thus not only weakened them—and all this takes place across the entire globe. +St. Maximilian M. Kolbe, OFM Conv. 

#stmaximilianmariakolbe #kblog ("The MI: Human Participation in the Mission of the Immaculata.” +St. Maximilian Maria Kolbe, ora pro nobis #marianrenewal #missionimmaculata #mitriumph #twocrowns)

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